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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Hello! I'm (obviously) not very active on this site but I know it still draws some traffic. I wanted to let you know about a resource for a specific type of cancer. is one of the most comprehensive online resources on mesothelioma cancer.  If you, or anyone you care about, has this type of cancer and wants to learn more, check out the link.  I hope it helps in awareness and support.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Job Postings for Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

I received a job posting from a pharma friend who made the successful transition into independent medical sales.  If you are interested in one of the the territories (or know someone who might be), contact her directly:

"Seeking to hire self-motivated Independent Contractor/Distributor looking to add a pharmaceutical line to their list of products within the following states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Sales representative must have at least 3 years of experience calling on at least one of the following: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pain Management and Podiatrist. This position is 100% commission. If interested, feel free to contact me at"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I received a link to this salary survey today (see link below).  It's from the nice folks at  I think it's very interesting, though possibly a little inaccurate.  The average age in the survey is 41.  I'm not sure if that age is an average for the industry.  It is probably an average for the subscribers, however.  Also, the average salaries seem inflated, based on the current market.  But it is interesting to see the results.  Most of the surveys I've seen in the past have not been specific to pharma sales.  So this is a nice report.  Comments?

2012 Pharma Jobs Salary Survey

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Long time, no see...

I recently got a tip on a new job resource that allows you to search by city and industry.  Looks good.  Check it out:
Health and Pharmaceutical Jobs

Also, for research purposes - or if any of the many job searchers that hit this site are pharmacists, my source also sent a link to a way to find salaries for pharmacists based on geographical location:
Salaries by city for pharmacists

Hope this info helps your search...Good luck!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top 10 Job Search Tips

When I started this blog, I was much better about updating it. I used to get asked all the time "How do I get into the pharmaceutical industry?" Since I didn't have time to stop and talk to everyone during the work day, I created this blog so I could refer people to all the links to companies and recruiters that would help them in their job search.

Jump forward to January 2009. I, along with thousands of others, lost my job as a drug rep. I put the blog on hold for the most part so I could find a new job. Jump forward to March 2011. I have now been at my new job as a drug rep for 6 months. New company, less money, good management, happy me.

Many of my friends are still looking, either within the pharma/medical industry or in other industries. This is a list of things I have learned during my prolonged job search that I wish someone had told me back in January 2009. Although I worked in commission only medical sales during the 20 months I was out of the industry, I still enjoy pharmaceutical sales and hope to stay with my current company for a long time. Of course, the industry (and economy) has changed and there is no such thing as a stable feel free to use these tips or pass them along. I hope they help.

1. Positive Attitude can go a long way The company you are interviewing with doesn't want to hear anything negative. Your friends don't really want to hear anything negative. Your family probably would rather not hear anything negative. So try to be positive and spin things that way.

2. Use all websites that are available. This means and Monster and and all of the company websites that provide the ability to create job-bots. Let these sites do some of the work for you. They'll deliver to your email box a list of links with jobs that fulfill the criteria that you pick (location, skills, etc).

3. Use social networking: Part 1 - I used, Twitter, Facebook etc. Each has its own niche. For LinkedIn, if I knew of a position that was open, I'd see if my network allowed me to contact (for free) anyone who worked for that company. Then, I'd contact 2-3 (or more) to see if I could talk live or via email to find out insight on the company and the position. This is helpful when interviewing since anyone can read the annual report or go do a Google search. Now you have to go further to stand out. You can also join groups that will post openings specific to your location or industry. Joining groups also will allow you to send messages to group members (for free) that might be useful in the job search (as previously mentioned). You can also follow companies that will occasionally update their feed or show new hires. LinkedIn also has job postings that are worth checking out. The postings will usually have a contact that you can initiate contact with through the site. FYI, I never paid a dime for LinkedIn, though I know people that have and you always have that option.

4. Use social networking: Part 2 - Twitter For Twitter, there are recruiters and companies that will post openings. You can also share experiences with others that are searching and do some of your research. Some of the twitter feeds that you can follow will link to articles that you won't be able to easily find about companies or industries that might be hiring.

5. Use social networking: Part 3 - Facebook Facebook has recruiters that will post openings. You can also follow companies. You can search to see if you can find people working at your targeted company. You can use your network to see if they know people at certain companies. Personally, I didn't find Facebook as useful as LinkedIn for the job search, but it was great for positive reinforcement from my friends/relatives. This is also a great help.

6. Use old fashioned networking Use your friends and family to help. I found out that a cousin worked for one of my target companies. This led to a resume getting to someone that I could never have done on my own. The job that I ended up getting was a direct result of having an old friend and eventual coworker vouch for me during the interview process. It's not enough to know someone at the company. Sometimes, they need to be willing to vouch for you as a trustworthy hard working producer. There are other examples I could give, but you get the idea.

7. Never stop looking until you accept an offer. When I got my new job, I was talking to 6 different companies. I learned my lesson early on to never stop the search. There were a few jobs that I had gone to the final interview and aced it. But you never know what might happen. Maybe an internal candidate (that you didn't know about) will get the position. Maybe someone else did even better. Bottom line, you don't have a job until you have a job.

8. Don't limit your search to the same type of job you had. Maybe there's a reason to look at what type of jobs your skill set might be suited for...Is your industry downsizing across the board? As a pharmaceutical rep, the industry has dropped from 120,000 to around 50,000 over the past 5 years. Is this a growth industry anymore? Not really. However, there are many jobs that are glad to utilize your skill set. Look at Physician Liaison positions, Hospital marketing positions, Recruiting, Medical sales, etc. There are other types of positions out there worth checking out. Have multiple resumes to help you target other job types that highlight your general skills.

9. Remember that you can sometimes create a job. Depending on how strong your connections are, you might be able to uncover a need and talk to your connections about creating a job that fills that need. For example, say you called on a large OBGyn practice that is still interested in growth. You could be their marketing rep and call on the doctors in the community, highlighting the OBGyn practice and the things they offer.

10. Talk to as many recruiters/headhunters that you can find Some of these folks specialize in certain companies that you'll never hear about. These are the companies worth looking into because they are in growth stages (compared to the rest of the industry). The trick is you don't know which recruiter works with which companies so it's worth talking to many. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. But you have to utilize all resources - and this is a good one.

I hope these are helpful. Please feel free to offer up some others or share you experiences. In the meantime, for those who are looking, I wish you luck.


Nicotine Jones

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Supplement Your Income/Preventive Health

From the e-mail bag:
Preventive Health and Wellness Company seeking....

Pharmaceutical Reps, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to work with a team of health care professionals marketing the #1 clinically proven, fiber-based supplement that lowers LDL, triglycerides and raises HDL. Stabilized glucose levels and fat loss are side benefits. Listed in the PDR; clinically studied.

As a dietitian I have always been a proponent of patients increasing their fiber intake. Now, we have a supplement that increases daily fiber intake by 6-9 grams while improving lipids, glucose levels and insulin levels. Fat loss is a welcomed side benefit.

As a diabetes educator I continue to be impressed with diabetics that are able to decrease their medications and lose weight, thanks to Bios Life Slim.

As someone with polycystic ovarian syndrome, I am impressed that Bios Life Slim still manages my carbohydrate cravings and gives me a sense of freedom from food.

Please do not pass up an opportunity to share something that so many patients need AND increase your income at the same time.

Full-time or part-time opportunity/Profit sharing/Bonuses
Contact Jennifer Birge MS,RD,CDE at or 575.779.1172.

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Let it be

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